We have a variety of services that range from working within organizations—such as Sales Training, Team Building, and Customer Service Training—to working with groups and with individuals. Our motivation behind our services is to motivate you, your organization, and your employees to not only present your best to the world, but to be your best in this world.

Sales Training

No matter what your organization is, there is always something to sell, whether your ideas, your products, or your services. Our Sales Training teaches how to better communicate with your customers, sales tactics that create a more pleasant experience for customers, and ways to increase the probability of customers returning to your business. Also taught is how sales employees can present themselves as their best, most professional and hospitable selves.

Team Building

In a business, it is important to put your best self in front of your customers. But did you know that it also involves being that best self to the other people involved in your organization? Our Team Building teaches how to communicate in a clear manner, how to motivate employees, and how to improve oneself as an employee. This training also teaches that, like a forest, each individual tree can leave its mark, but together multiple trees create a whole that is difficult to ignore for those passing by.

Customer Service Training

Our Customer Service training combines our Sales Training and Team Building in a way that breaks down your organization into detailed parts, works through each part, and then builds those parts back up into a stronger whole. Like our Sales Training, our Customer Service Training teaches the people within your organization how to present themselves as more professional and hospitable, as well as how to work with customers that will increase the probability of their satisfaction with your service and their wanting to return to your business. Like our Team Building, we teach how to communicate in a clear manner with those within your organization, how to motivate employees, and how to improve oneself as an employee. This training teaches the ways in which everyone has a role and a voice, and how each separate person working together forms the whole that is your organization.

Other Services

  • Leadership Development

There are different times in our lives that we must take a step forward and lead, whether it be in our job, family, or any other organization. We can teach you how to take that step forward and how to be a positive leader through actions and words.

  • Non-Profit/Charity Training

In this training, we teach ways in which to receive more funding, methods for training volunteers, and how to promote yourself and your organization in your community.

  • Success Workshops

Select from our four group-based workshops:

    • Personal Development
    • Professional Development
    • Success Mindset Workshop
    • Goal Setting and Visualization Workshop
  • Keynote/Motivational Speaker

Would you like someone to come speak at an event you are planning? Or perhaps you need some motivation for your organization? We speak at a variety of organizations, including schools, businesses, charities, conferences, and clubs. With a variety of topics to choose from, we recommend our most popular: “How to be Successful”, “How to Handle and Cope with Bullying”, and “How to Motivate Employees”. Bronwen is also happy to speak about her career and how she got to where she is today.

  • Life and Career Coaching

For individuals looking for self-improvement, we offer Life Coaching and Career Coaching.